Monday, June 29, 2009


1. i can't access my old gmail account, so my new email is

2. spongebob, everytime you log into bookpenguin it logs me off, so if you could just PLEASE make your own story-writing website and copy and paste the stories, that would be great because i hate logging in cheroesclubpenguin EVERYTIME. so for once let me get my way, i made bookpenguin, its on my account, technicly its my website, so i can delete it if i want, but since were sharing it, plz plz PLZ make your OWN website and let me delete it so i DONT HAVE TO LOG IN EVERYTIME. i know their some of your favorite stories but you cant just think about you, once (in a lifetime, seriously) think about me how i have to log in EVERYTIME because YOU log me out

Sunday, June 28, 2009

spongebob plz read this

spongebob I'm gonna delete Bookpenguin because whenever you log into it, it logs cheroesclubpenguin out and i have to sign out ALL the time, so if you could just make your own book penguin... that would be great cause its annoying for you to log me out, i log myself in and so on, sooo when it says the blog doesnt exist or something, thats because its gonna be deleted

P.S. Sorry if this hurts your feelings but i really want my own account back, don't come to me telling you i didn't warn you, CAUSE I DID WITH THIS POST


I got a chat box for like the 3rd time lol. It's at the bottom of the page, where spongebob's would be. PLEASE go on it!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!

Operation Breakout: The Big Surprise

The guards fell asleep around 11:30pm, so i grabbed the keys off the hook and opened the cell door. A girl my age was in a cell across from my cell, "Where are you going?" she asked in a weak voice, "I was put in jail for no reason, I'm breaking out, wanna' come?" i asked. The girl nodded and i let her out of her cell. The girls' name was Jessi.

We sneaked past the cells quietly and finally got to the front doors. We opened the doors and the alarm went off, "Run." i said. We both started running outside to the metal gates. "We can't get out!" yelled Jessi. I looked around and said, "Climb! Climb over the fence!" Then we both started climbing over the fence. One of the guards grabbed me foot. I clicked the guard in the chin and then in the stomach. Jessi and i climbed over the fence. "We have to go back in." i said to Jessi. Jessi gasped and cried, "What?!?" I sighed and looked back, "Go. I need to get my mom's files." I climbed over the fence and let the guards take me back inside.

They grabbed the keys from me and put it back on the hook, but soon, fell asleep again. So i did what i did the first time, grabbed the keys and walked out of my cell. I went to where the boss's office was. The boss wasn't there, probably asleep at home. I quietly looked through all the files and finally found my mom's files. I laid the files out on the desk and say mug-shots of my mom, "Theft? But... but my mom never stole anything." I whispered to myself. Then i read on, "Stole $100,000 from the richest man in Las Angelos? Oh no, they think I stole the money, my mom didn't do anything about it." I ripped the files up and put them in the garbage.

I ran out the doors. The alarm went off. I climbed over the fence and ran down the streets of L.A. I wasn't going home. I was put in jail because of my mother, yup, I'm NOT going home.

Here We Go Again-Demi Lovato-PENGUIN STYLE!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

I'm meant to be single. Single Cheroes, and I'm proud to be indepent... without a guy...

A Letter to Penguin

Dear Penguin,
We've only been dating for a few hours now. And whenever i come onto chat box you would always say 'remember were bf and gf' and your kinda pushing it. You're going way too fast and calling some stupid nickname.. Ureka or Urainus. I know my type: A small town girl who loves going slow and chilling with friends. Thats just not you. You're fast and never take time to find the 'slow easy happy small' stuff. You can yell and stomp but were not dating from now on...


This was hard to write... i didn't want to be so harsh but i had to. I have butterflies when he says hello to me... bad butterflies.